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How Would You Like to Save Money on Your Gas, Electric, Broadband, Mobile and Landlines??

As a 'ScootersForYou' customer you have met an authorised distributor of Utilities Warehouse - an energy, broadband and phone provider who have saved people hundreds of pounds off their bills.

We are pretty confident we can save you money on your Gas, Electric, Broadband, Landline and Mobile Phone Bills, all with just ONE simple phone call/text or email!!

We ask you to

 “Challenge Richard”


to see if he can



All you need to do is ring or text him with your gas and electric useage figures and your home postcode - THATS IT!!- he'll do the rest!!

Switching is easy - a quick phone call from Richard - THATS IT!! He'll do the rest!!

What could be easier? 

One phone call to potentially save you hundreds of pounds!!

We saved over £1,000 a year when we switched!

and if that's not enough!!

take the 'cashback challenge'

again...quick an easy - just looking at your overall monthly spending habits and converting your essential (and of course happy days) spending into cashback off your monthly bills!!

How Does This work??

Utilities Warehouse works in conjunction with thousands of high street and online shops, all of whom offer 'cashback' saving when you spend with them. 

By simply buying your shopping using your cashback card you can save between 3 & 7% of your spend total off your utilities bills using the high street outlets and up to 20% of your spend discounted off your bill with online retailers!!

Last Christmas - our utilities bill for December and January - £62 and £67 after my savings using our card!!

If you fancy giving Richard 'the challenge' - give him a call, text or email.  It takes minutes and could save you hundreds!!

Richard Bell

call/text: 07724 838515 or 07976 512007

contact us for all other options!!