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‘ScootersForYou’ Ltd

Loan & Hire – Terms & Conditions


Terminology –

    1. Us/We/SFY refers to ‘ScootersForYou’ Ltd
    2. You/YOUR/Hirer refers to yourself, the customer.


  1. By signing the contracts, you are agreeing to the terms as listed below, our terms & conditions for loan & hire as set out and decided by us – ScootersForYou


    1. Rental/Loan Period

    1. Hirer will hire the goods on a minimum 2 day/weekend hire (£15-25), using set tariffs of 3-8       days @ £6.50 per day, 9-21 days @ £5.50 pr day, 22-42 days @ £4.00 per day, 42 days +       weeks @ £3.00 per day
    2. Initial length of hire is agreed at time of hire, but can be extended at any point following       contact with SFY
  • Hirer must have the scooter returned or fit for return at the time stated on the contract at             the start of the lease. (Failure to adhere to this will result in continued hire payments, and          will be charged at the ‘daily’ hire charge fee.)

    1. Hirer must have the scooter available for collection at the original drop off address (where       applicable)
    2. If a collection is attempted and the scooter is not available, this will be classed as an      abortive collection and in addition to the continued hire charge (point 4), a fee of £15 will be added to cover administration and costs.


    1. Cancellation
    1. You have a right to cancel early – any fees owing up to point of cancellation will still be       charged.


    1. Hirer’s Responsibilities - Note: The hirer is not necessarily the user of the scooter
    1. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the ‘user’ (if different from the hirer) is fit and able to       use a scooter.  This includes the user to have good eyesight, be within weight range of the        scooter hired and to be able to control the scooter safely and securely.
    2. It is your responsibility to look after (i) the product, (ii) the batteries and (iii),  the keys
    3. (i)         4Where possible and appropriate, a lock should be used when leaving the scooter.

                            4The scooter must be stored in a safe location, away from the elements, even if                                                     this is just a waterproof storage cover fit for purpose.

    1. (ii)        4The batteries must be kept charged in accordance to instruction left by SFY.
    2. (iii)       4Keys must be kept safely and removed from the scooter when away from it. 

                            4Replacement keys will be charged at £10.50 per key lost.              

    1. Hirer must not must not sell, hire or dispose of the scooter.
    2. hirer must not work on or allow any work to be done to the scooter
    3. Hirer must let SFY know of any defect with the scooter as soon as they become aware.
    4. Hirer will be liable for cost of repair for any cosmetic damage, including bodywork, for tyres       where damage is caused by misuse of scooter and for batteries where failing to keep     batteries charged has resulted in irrecoverable battery failure.
    5. Hirer is responsible for the cost of any repair whether this is by personal payment or through a       self appointed insurance policy.
    6. Hirer accepts the ‘ScootersForYou’ will carry out any repairs and bill the hirer accordingly
    7. Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to property left in or on the scooter.
    8. Hirer is responsible for returning the scooter in a clean condition – an invoice for £25 will be         sent if the scooter requires extensive cleaning upon its return
    9. Hirer’s responsibility to keep their paperwork safe as this is the inventory of condition – any       damage not covered by the inventory will be paid for by the hirer. 



    5. ScootersForYou Ltd Responsibilities

    1. We will ensure the scooter is fit for purpose and maintained to the manufacturer’s suggestion. 
    2. We will ensure the scooter is fit for hire at the start of the term of hire. 
    3. We will ask for a joint signed inventory of any pre existing damage and marks before leaving

                the scooter with you.


    6.   Conditions for Use

          The scooter may only be used for the purpose of transporting the person named as the ‘user’ in the agreement.  This may not necessarily be the person signing the agreement papers, and it therefore becomes the signatories’ responsibility to ensure all of the terms & conditions are met.


    7.   Charges

          The hirer will pay the following:

    1. The hire charge
    2. Any charge for loss or damage
    3. The cost of replacing or repairing the product if it is stolen or damaged  whilst in the care           and responsibility of the hirer even if it is not your fault.  The cost that will be expected will          be listed on the hire form from the outset of the contract.
    4. Any personal insurance policies taken to cover theft, damage or public liability.


    8.  Goods

    1. The scooter will remain the property of ScootersForYou.
    2. If we witness any improper use of our scooter, we reserve the right to remove the scooter       from you.  Any pre paid payment will not be refunded.
    3. Any breach of our terms & conditions, resulting in early removal, the need for replacement       or repair, may lead to legal action being taken against you.