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Pavement Scooters are just that – used on the pavements and pedestrian walkways – where you would walk, you use your scooter!

Pavement scooters are generally weighty and not easily transported in a car through they will fold flatter for occasional transport through a big car and ramps are required.

Pavement scooters are generally used as a main mode of transport – easily managing up to 20-25 miles at a speed up to 6mph. Most easily accommodate 20-25 stone in weight. Pavement scooters will get you from home to your local shop and further afield, also round rougher grounds like car boots and field shows etc

Pavement scooters generally have pneumatic tyres which offer a softer ride and some will have a basic suspension for comfort. Seating is padded and often with headrests, and will have swivel action for easier getting on and off.


Pavement scooters will have a basic lighting package and the more luxurious will have indictors also.



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