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Road legal or class 3 mobility scooters are just that – scooters that can be used on the pavements and pedestrian walkways but also are legal to use on the highways. There are many rules and regulations surrounding using them on the road the main being that you have to register the scooter with DVLA. This is to comply with road law. Road legal scooters also must have lights/mirrors/indicators and have a switch to restrict the speed from 8mph to 4 when being used on pavements. You must also be registered disabled to use a RL scooter

Road legal are heavy weight and not easily transported in a car through they will fold flatter for occasional transport through a big car and ramps are required.

Road legal scooters are generally used as a main mode of transport – easily managing up to 25-30 miles at a speed up to 8mph. Many will accommodate 25-35 stone in weight.

RL scooters have large pneumatic tyres and suspension for comfort. Seating is luxurious and the seats will have many comfort enhancing features




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