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Boot Scooters are just that – car boot sized and capable of being put into one easily and quickly.

Boot scooters will either fold down easily and be lifted into the car OR will be easily dismantled into 4 or 5 smaller more manageable parts, again to be loaded up easily. They have independent charging capability – the battery box can be charged separately to the whole scooter.

Boot scooters are ideally used on flat, smooth terrain – garden centres, shopping malls, promenades etc. Larger ‘booties’ are available and can withstand slightly harsher terrain though not recommended for full time ‘off roading’. In addition to this boot scooters generally have solid tyres and no suspension so rough ground is extremely unpleasant to ride on!

Boot scooters have an average of an 8-10 mile range at 4 mph taking an average of 16 stone in weight.



All Boot Scooter Pavement Road Legal