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Tyre Treatment

How annoying, frustrating and inconvenient is it to get a puncture, let alone the worry of being stranded and the cost to get recovered and then repaired!!

Here at 'ScootersForYou' we can help to reduce the chances and ensure you don't get stranded when you least want to be!!

Tyre Gelling:

Quite simply we deflate the inner tubes of your tyres, squirt in 'the gunge' and reinflate your tyres.

If you then run over something sharp that punctures your tyre, the air that is released reacts with the gel causing it to create a seal across the hole thus not leaving you with a flat tyre!!

Here at 'ScootersForYou', we can get this done simply and quickly either at the workshop or at your own home.

£13.75 per tyre

(on site or within 10 miles - usual fuel only surcharge applies to further addresses)

All four tyres Gel Treated for

Just £50

saving 10%

Contact Us to book this special offer