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the home of 'Preloved' Mobility Scooters at


We know what it is like trying to sort through the mine field of second hand scooters out there on the market. 

The barrage of thoughts and questions -

  • Will it work??
  • Are the batteries ok? ?
  • How will I get it home??

At 'ScootersForYou', we aim to take the worry away from buying second hand, offering you a 'peace of mind' guarantee with a scooter that  -

  • is clean & tidy, washed and waxed
  • is stripped down, overhauled (where ness) and then fully serviced
  • is sold to you after professional but friendly advice to ensure you get the right scooter for you!

We offer a wide range of scooters, powerchairs and power wheelchairs, in a range of styles, sizes and abilities. 

We also offer a wide range of budgets.....


All of Our Scooters come with:

*  A 3 month guarantee

*  Keys

*  Basket or bag

*  Charger

*  Instruction &Accessories Booklet

*  Road Legal Booklet (where applicable)

*  Details for recommended insurance (click here for our recommend)

....and finally - an most importantly - you get US at 'ScootersForYou' on the end of the phone for any queries, questions or quibbles that you may have - we don't just say goodbye once you get your  scooter!!

We hope you enjoy looking round our website - each different page will help you identify what you need and what will help you!!  Of course, you can contact us at anytime - just click on the link above - we look forward to hearing from you!!